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Adventures on Swiss public transit

Since coming to Switzerland I’ve taken a train and a tram ride almost every week day and long train rides at least once a month and this has led to some fun experiences. Here are some of the things I’ve witnessed or done on Swiss public transit so far…

Watched a mans can drink explode and get absolutely every where.

Antonia and I dropped a 22 piece chicken nugget container on a train. Still ate them.

I’ve seen dozens of very good dogs and one (1) bird, it was a weird Tuesday.

I’ve seen at least 1 drunk person on a train or tram a week, my record week saw had 8 and had 3 say high to my friends and I. They are all very nice or keep to themselves haha.

Fallen on my butt in a packed tram on my way home from school.

Got stuck in between two trains carts while walking through the train

Fell asleep on the train and almost missed my stop (on multiple occasions)

Sat next to a baby and it grabbed my hand (that was a good day haha)

Got a few glares as a ate basically a three course meal on my way home from school (had a salad, casserole thingy, and a piece of pie)

Another exchange student sitting across from me tried to throw away her tissue but the trash can was broken so it swung open and dumped half of its contents on the ground.

Forgot my phone on the train. It was also the last train of the night so I went to Zurich station the next morning and I was extremely lucky that the lost and found had my phone. My phone was also dead so Find my Mobile didn’t work, also if I didn’t have a GA I would’ve had to pay 40 francs to get my phone back.

I’ve received my free samples at Basel SBB, including; Mini Rivella, Red Bull sparkling water (my flavour was super gross), many different kinds of chocolate (sehr gut), Dish soap,  Protein milk, etc…


So that’s been my interesting experiences on public transport so far, I’ll add more as the year goes on.

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  1. Well at least you can’t say your train rides are boring. Lol
    As always, thanks for sharing Marika. It’s so nice seeing pictures and hearing how things are going. Love you xoxo


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